Corporate culture

1. Strategy for upgrading core competitiveness

Focus on customers, focus on improving overall competitiveness, establish a new marketing model, and build an industry expert sales service team; improve the logistics chain benefit model, optimize and efficiently use service resources; as an industry pioneer, build a core team of technology research and development, lead Industry technology to promote the technological revolution in the rubber industry and the material transportation industry; expand service brand channels, and build a core competition for industry brands based on the CIS system based on "corporate visual culture (VI), behavioral culture (BI), and conceptual culture (MI)" force.

2. Value delivery strategy

Taking service as a value-creating commodity, by providing scientific and reasonable construction plans, fast and accurate technical support, high-quality and timely parts supply and other service means to reduce overall costs for customers and create the highest value. Through the improvement of the core competitiveness of technology, increase the use value of products, energy saving and efficiency, and provide additional value for customers.